Social Media Content

Bulgari Fall & Holiday Influencer Campaigns
The Ask: Create social media content for six unique campaigns, paid social ads with location-specific copy tailored to a variety of markets, and real-time coverage of several of the brand's seasonal events. 
The Approach: Working with key players from the brand team and the contracted PR agency, I developed an integrated strategy to deliver original content to an audience that was primed to discover, engage and purchase. 
The Results: Praised by the brand for delivering better-than-average engagement rates across all social media platforms, generating tangible retail ROI results and helping to refine the brand's social media voice.
The Beverly Hilton - Social media agency of record (2015-2018)
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills - Social media agency of record (2017-2018)
Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas - Social media platform launches (2018)
InStyle magazine - Social media editor (2009-2012)
MARIACHI USA - Social media editor (2015-present)